About me

I truly believe that everyone deserves to benefit from the amazing (but sometimes inaccessible) healthcare system we have. I'm intent on doing what I need to do and to finding the right people to work with to make that happen.

Inspired by my own experience with care delivery, I bring my professional background as a UX designer, my education in graphic design and the health sciences, and my time as a human services professional together to add unique value to innovative teams. I am committed to working on solving the problems embedded in healthcare and its systems to make it more accessible for patients and to help providers deliver better care.

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Some other things I do....

I love to draw people and take photos of them (but mostly of people that aren't striking a pose). These two pasttimes have a serious hit since we've all been trying to socially distance ourselves as much as possible, so recently I've been reading more.

If you wanna check out some of the drawings and photos I've taken before the the virus happened, scroll down, they're right here!

Figure Drawings


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